Breast Lift

Breast uplift also called Mastopexy is a surgery performed to reshape sagged breast tissue and remove excess skin.


Breast Lift

Boob job, also known as breast lift, is a common procedure for women whose breasts have lost their shape due to a variety of factors. The breasts that aren’t being lifted by weak chest muscles sink into the stretched skin, and gravity pushes them downward. Losing weight after gaining it has the same effect as gaining it. The same is true for the aging process and pregnancy, respectively. Many women don’t like the way their breasts look when they’re saggy. This surgery lifts sagging breasts and improves their appearance. With this way, there is an improvement in the breasts’ look when the form and size are corrected, giving them a more fresh look.

Will There be Scarring After Breast Lift

Depending on the type of breast uplift you get, the breasts will have faint & distinct scars. When you wear normal clothing though, the scars shouldn’t be noticeable. As a rule, the most frequent style of uplift involves a vertical cut under your breast and an areola cut. In other cases, the crease under the breast is clipped to create an anchor shape. It involves removing excess skin from below the breast, reshaping the breast into a tighter cone, and elevating the nipples. Alternatively, the areola can be shrunk or you can have a breast augmentation surgery combined with breast lift.

Why You Should Get Breast Lift?

With time, the skin and muscles of the breast area loosen and unfortunately they cannot return to their original shape. The lack of support for the breast tissue is a result of this issue. However, the breasts can be altered by removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissue. The sort of breast lift surgery that is right for you is determined by your breast size and desired outcome. To have breast augmentations, you can travel to the republic of Turkey. In Turkey, cosmetic surgeries, including breast lifting surgeries, are well-established and up to the international standards.

Why do breasts sag?

Breasts may become saggy for different reasons. The ligaments that hold the breast tissue in place may become loose over time. Depending on weight changes, breastfeeding and the effect of gravity over time, it may sag the breast tissue (gland) and the fat tissue and the surrounding skin. The problem may be with breast (gland) and fat tissue, skin, or both. As a result, a hollow-looking sagging breast may appear.

What is aesthetic breast lift surgery?

Breast lift also called Mastopexy is a surgery performed to reshape sagged breast tissue and remove excess skin. The nipple is brought to where it should be with breast lift.

Will I have scars after a breast lift?

Depending on the degree of sagging, there will be different operation techniques and scars for breast lift surgery.
There are three main methods and scars for breast lift. Breast lift surgery can be performed by making an incision around the areola (peri areolar). There is also a technique to be made in addition to the peri areolar scar, with a vertical scar extending from the areola to the inframammary fold (lollipop breast lift). In some cases, since the amount of skin that needs to be removed is too much, peri areolar and vertical scars will not be enough and there will be a scar on the Inframammary fold, this type of scar is called Inverted T breast lift.

How Long Does It Take for Scars to Disappear?

Needs to be kept in mind, every surgery leaves scar. All scars including breast lift ones soften and fade within one to two years. Scarring may differ individually. Scars from a breast lift can usually be hidden by bras and swim suits.

Operation and Early Period of the Operation

The Breast Lift is performed under general anesthesia and It takes 2 to 4 hours. In suitable patients, sagging can be eliminated by simply placing a breast implant. In this case, the scar will only be on the inframammary fold. I want you to stay only one night in hospital. Thin tubes – drains may place to the surgical area in order to prevent possible blood accumulation.
It is usually comfortable after surgery. Pain is usually not a problem. I apply a bra-like dressing with elastic bandage and dressing at the end of the operation.
I open dressing after 2 days and check the wound. On 5th-7th day I usually open the bandages over breasts and want you to wear a supportive bra which we will supply for you. If resolvable sutures are not used, sutures will be taken after 10 days. I want you to wear the supportive bra for 6 weeks and start massaging as instructed by the nurse at the beginning of the 3rd week. There may be swelling in the early period, numbness in the nipple and bruises on the skin. None of these are permanent, disappear in a short time.
I want you to stay away from heavy sports (fitness, running, etc.) for two months. My breast lift patients usually return to their daily life within an average of 3-4 days.

Last word…

Aesthetic breast lift surgery is generally an operation that gives good and permanent results, improves the mental health of the person and her husband, and makes them more connected to life. The newly shaped breast will last for a long time, but weight changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gravity can cause new sagging.

Breast Lift Related Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a breast lift last?
Reshaped and Lifted breast will last long time, but weight changes, breastfeeding may cause new sagging.
What is involved in a breast lift?
Breast lift also known as mastopexy is a surgical procedure performed to the purpose of this surgery is to take the nipple to a higher position, reshape sagged breast tissue and remove excess skin. Breast lift is an operation that gives good and permanent results, improves the mental health of the person and his wife, and makes them more connected to life.
What are the scars for breast lift?
There are mainly three types of scar in breast lift surgery depending on the individual situations. Periareolar, Lolipop and Inverted T. For detailed information.
Is a breast lift worth it?
Breast lift will make the person feel more comfortable psychologically, as it will correct the existing saggy image of breasts. The breast means a lot for the woman anyway, the correction of their shape and the lifting them will boost the self-confidence that begins to disappear.
Does breast lift safe?
Every surgery comes with its risk of complications, I cannot say that Breast Lift is riskier than the other procedures I perform.
How painful is a breast lift?
Breast Lift surgery takes a place in mild painful surgery group. You may return your routine daily life in 3 to 4 days.
How much does it cost to get a breast lift?
Since there are many types of procedures can be done for lifting the breast, pricing may vary. If you want to get more informative answer, please contact us.
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