How much is a nose job in Turkey?

Every year Turkey hosts thousands of medical tourists from all around the world for rhinoplasty operation. Turkey nose job packages are more than affordable compared to nose job costs in UK and many other places. The best Turkish clinics are here for you to have the best life changing experience of your life with our highly trained expert staff.
If you want to get this procedure, you may be wondering how much is a nose job in Turkey? After all, nose job costs in European countries can be troubling sometimes. However Turkish surgeons will not let the cost discourage you from looking at yourself in the mirror with confidence. Turkey is the amongst the most selected countries for nose job cost thanks to its esteemed medical staff, great number of operations done every year, affordable costs and government encouragement for medical tourism.
Turkey has one of the cheapest rhinoplasty Turkey costs however it would be absurd to claim that the popularity of Turkey is only due to the affordable prices in Turkey. After all there are countries that have cheaper rhinoplasty. However, health tourists continue to prefer Turkey. The results of surgeries in these countries are not as successful as nasal aesthetics in Turkey. It’s not the price that matters, but the quality as well. Therefore, patients prefer Turkey as their first choice.
Examination Before the Nose Job
Even though rhinoplasty is both aesthetic and medical procedure, many people prefer having it solely for changing the shape of their nose. We can say that it is one of the most preferred and successful results among aesthetic operations. People who want to have a more characteristic and aesthetic prefer having a rhinoplasty Turkey located clinics provide. After your surgeon asks for the necessary examinations, they will decide whether the persons are suitable for the operation. Afterwards, the surgeon will ensure that the person has a brand new perfect nose.
Turkey’s aesthetic industry is well-established and sophisticated. Turkish surgeons perform hair transplants, breast augmentations, and nose jobs regularly to patients and clients from neighboring nations, as well as far away as the Great Britain and even Central And North America, at prices that are typically half or even a third of what they would pay in their own countries.
You should first consult to your surgeon to go through the critical factors that will determine whether or not the procedure is successful for you. The first and most important question your doctor will ask is why you want rhinoplasty in the first place. Your doctor will do a thorough physical examination, including any tests performed. The interior and exterior of your nose are thoroughly inspected prior to Rhinoplasty Surgery.
To plan the procedure, your face is shot from several angles. As a result, you’ll have a better sense of the picture that will emerge following surgery. Your procedure will be performed in a properly equipped facility under general anesthesia. The surgeon will determine the length of the surgery by the severity of the patient’s health issues. You should be honest about your reasons for wanting rhinoplasty with your doctor.

Nose Job Turkey

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job is a procedure that alters the form of the nose. If you plan to have a nose job Turkey will provide you many choices. If you want to have a surgery because of health issues, Turkish surgeons got you covered!
Nose disfiguration can cause extreme problems. It can help with problems such as polyps, sinusitis, nasal concha and deviated septum, which cause problems in breathing. If you are a candidate for surgery, your surgeon will create a personalized treatment plan for you. Your surgeon will take into account other facial characteristics of your face as well as what you want to modify.
Today, with the rapidly developing medical technologies, your surgeon can examine the existing problems before the surgery very precisely, and the possible results of the applications to the nose and face area can be displayed in a very realistic way in three dimensions.
Before undergoing a nose job Turkey, it is very important that you tell your doctor who will perform your surgery about all your complaints. Ask your doctor about the problems you have personally identified in your nose shape and the changes you want to make. Your doctor should clearly state whether your expectations from the surgery match your current facial aesthetic ratios and normal nasal functions.
Smoking negatively affects wound healing. For this reason, it is important to stop smoking as early as possible before the operation and not to use it after the operation. Also, some drugs may interact with anesthesia or their side effects may occur with surgery. Aspirin and its derivatives should be discontinued one week before rhinoplasty. It is okay for women to have this surgery while they are menstruating.

Rhinoplasty Turkey

After having a Rhinoplasty Turkey based clinics will give you all the information you need to know about the healing process. In the first week, it is normal to have bruising around your eyes and swelling on your face. Rather of lying down during the day, opt to sit or stand. It is not harmful to use water to clean the nasal splint. Your sense of smell may be altered for 6 to 12 weeks following surgery. It will immediately revert to its original state.
To disinfect bacteria and germs from within the nose, cover it with a small towel or surgical gauze during the next day following surgery. During this time, you should wash your face gently with soapy water or skin cleansing products recommended by your doctor. Resting for the first two days after cosmetic nose surgery will help you relax while also reducing swelling and bruising. After the third day, swelling and bruising will begin to diminish. Touching the operation area is never a good idea. If your stitches come into touch with your skin, they might cause an infection.
Since the bandage is on the nose since excessive moisture and perspiration will cause the bandage to loosen and fall off, it is important to avoid doing anything that can make you sweat. After removing the mold and bandage from your nose, you can clean it gently with warm soapy water or skin cleansing products.

Heavy Sports After Rhinoplasty Turkey

You shouldn’t do any heavy sports activities before four weeks following nose surgery, and all the other activities that have the potential to affect the nose should for the first two months. Patients who smoke should not smoke, especially in the first few weeks following surgery, since it can cause bleeding, infection, and a delay in wound healing. For three to six months following the procedure, you must protect the nose from sunlight.
Numbness at the tip of your nose and upper lip is possible. It will recover in three weeks to three months. If you must sneeze or blow your nose, try to sneeze softly and with both nostrils open. After removing the tampons, use an ear cleaning swab to gently wipe your nose.
In the first few months of rhinoplasty Turkey, you may experience nasal congestion and breathing problems from time to time, dryness in the nose, swelling and numbness of the tip of your nose. Consult your doctor to learn when you can go back to using sunglasses or any other glasses. You should avoid excessive heat; sauna and solarium for the first few months after procedure.
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